Greenbridge Artisans & Associates



Rebecca Moy Behre

Master Potter and Owner

More than 40 years ago, as an impressionable teen, Rebecca Moy Behre’s first experience of working with clay on the potter’s wheel was so full of wonder and deep connection, that it set the trajectory of her whole life. The pleasure she found in the dynamic between this malleable, responsive material and the life, movement and force of the spin in response to her touch, gripped her spirit with a tenacity that has never let go. Becky grew up the child of practical parents of Chinese descent who valued education and the ancient history of the art & culture from which they came. It was no coincidence she found the combined engineering, sculpture & usefulness in the making of functional pottery ultimately appealing. Her passion for ceramics began in high school, led to setting up her first studio & kiln in her parents’ home & selling her first works by 1976. Indulging a childhood love for nature and the beauty of gardens & plants,  she completed a B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture at the University of Maryland College Park (1977), while simultaneously working on an M.F.A. in Ceramics from Antioch University (1978). She was invited to stay on as a full-time instructor at Antioch, eventually being promoted to Associate Professor. In 1984, she left teaching and spent time working periodically with friend Bill Knoble at Red Truck Clayworks, a production pottery in upstate New York. During this time, with the invaluable help & support of her parents, husband Evan Behre and family & friends that the house, gallery and studio were built on 5.8 acres of pasture in Dayton, Maryland where Greenbridge Pottery stands and Becky, Evan, two dogs, 3 cats, and umpteen chickens reside today.




Jessica Guillory

Apprentice Studio Potter

Greenbridge Pottery’s newest and very talented apprentice. Jessica discovered her love for making pottery while pursuing degrees in writing and art at Houghton College in New York. She appreciates all things artistic and crafty, including sewing, quilting, drawing, and photography. When she’s not throwing at the wheel or creating amazing drawings on pots, Jessica enjoys reading and writing fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as playing harp, guitar, and viola. We are thrilled to welcome Jessica to Greenbridge where, in the past few months since joining the pottery, she has already proven herself to be a skilled, valued, and inspired artist. Jessica shares her musical talents with the Greenbridge community at various special events throughout the year.



Marian Isailovic


Marian is a Greenbridge student apprentice and serves the pottery as an all-around helper in the studio, glaze room, and gallery. On any given Saturday and at special events, she can be found delighting customers with tours of the operations and grounds or sharing the techniques she uses with her blossoming skills as a sculptor.





Michelle Schwelling

Gallery Curator, Marketing & Office Manager

Michelle enjoys life at the pottery by helping her buddy, Becky, run things from the business side and as curator of the gallery shop. She created and maintains the existing Greenbridge Pottery website, writes the Greenbridge Pottery Happenings newsletter, and develops, implements, and manages marketing projects for the pottery. She has recently been learning to create some of the pottery’s slabwork pieces, which has been a wonderful experiment in getting out of the head and into the heart. Outside of Greenbridge, Michelle dedicates her time to a local empowerment program for children called PET Power/Smashing ANTs Kid Empowerment (shameless plug). She has a blast playing uke, bantar, guitar, and singing with her husband, Eric, and other dear friends Becky and Evan (of Greenbridge), Marsha, Freeda, and Uncle Paddy in a folk band they call The Musty Cupboards. She also loves spending time with her two great kids, and her dogs and chickens.


 Associate Potters & Artisans


Sabine Dahm


Born in Germany, Sabine (aka “Bine”) came to the U.S. in the early 1980’s, studied Art & Art History & received a BA at the University of Maryland. She & Becky met during those early years in the US and quickly discovered they both loved art, food & gardening and have been fast friends ever since.

Although she has always been involved in the arts through drawing, painting, stitchery & quilting, a few years ago, she added to her skills by learning how to throw on the potter’s wheel and now has her own clay studio at home. She is an invaluable member of the Greenbridge family of artisans, producing many of the pieces found in the gallery. Sabine lives nearby with Polly & Rusty (the cats) and Carey (her other half). To learn more about Bine & her work, see her website:



Patty Ruehl Berry


Patty has a degree in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Once a full time potter with GBP, Patty has an extraordinary aptitude for clay; demonstrating unusual strength & skill, hand eye coordination, and a subtle but distinctive sensitivity to the medium. Patty’s artwork graces many of our animal drawing mugs with both craftsmanship and whimsical flair. She has helped to create numerous designs at Greenbridge, including the wall pocket and the berry bowl. She is the owner and keeper of one of the pottery’s most beloved muses, Edward Hopper Fluffy Fluff, a beautiful and beguiling angora rabbit whose image can be enjoyed on many GBP pieces.



Nick Corso


Nick believes that making pottery is a fully involved process; combining elements of nature, individuality, creativity, and tradition. “When people use my pottery as functional and decorative pieces, they are brought to life. I make pottery because it creates meaning in my life, and represents something special in the lives of those who interact with my work.” In his pottery, Nick uses clay dug up from Maryland, as well as a blend of commercially-mined clays to create specific lay bodies for different needs. His glazes are his own “ash based” formulation. Developing his own glazes allows complete control over the color and texture of the glaze. Nick brings variety to his work by experimenting with different clays and using local materials to create local, unique, functional, and creative pieces of art. To learn more about Nick’s process and inspiration, check out Wissahickon Pottery



Joe F. Buriel

Fiber Artist

An experienced and accomplished fiber artist, Joe has been interested in many forms of artistic expression from a very early age. As a child, he made use of material from his father’s landscape business to create small-scale garden scenes using mainly succulents, some of which were sold at the annual church bazaars. Joe has studied fiber arts and visual arts at the Art & Learning Center at the University of Maryland, the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, Maryland, the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, Maryland, and Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia.  He maintains a home studio for his fiber art and visual art projects, where his home garden provides an outlet for his botanical and landscaping interests. He has helped design local public gardens in his hometown of Hyattsville, Maryland. Joe can be reached via email: