History of Greenbridge

Our pottery is made from start to finish right here in the big red, renovated pottery barn... We can tell you which artisan created your piece each step of the way.

History of barn STUDIO & GALLERY...

In 1984, Rebecca Behre bought 5.8 acres of pasture with an old barn in Dayton, Maryland. Over the next little while, a home was constructed and the barn renovated in order to house a pottery studio and gallery. Every piece of our pottery is made here on-site and begins as fine red clay or porcelain. In the lower-level studio of the barn, pots are thrown on the potters wheel, handbuilt from slabs, or handsculpted from both dark red stoneware and white stoneware clay bodies. With innovation and joy, Becky and husband, Evan, formulated the clay, as well as the silky soft glazes which range in color from gentle whites and ivories, soft yellows and greens, to deep greens and brilliant turquoise blues, unique to the pottery found at Greenbridge. Pots are glazed, fired and finished in the barn's main level glazing room where a commitment to quality, mindfulness and fun is the focus of production and a dedication to creating pottery which springs from glad & joyful hearts is maintained. The pottery is displayed in the barn's rustic second level gallery, overlooking the grassy knoll where Evan & Rebecca got married 30 years ago.  In cold weather, a large woodstove warms the space with a friendly fire and, during the holidays, the inviting scent of hot spiced apple cider welcomes you inside. In warm weather, visitors are invited to take a walk in the garden with the chickens, or watch wild birds and enjoy nature from the hillside or in the open knoll below the barn from which geese, eagles, hawks and owls, are often seen. It is our pleasure to share this little slice of heaven with our friends, families, and surrounding community, where folks can experience a few moments of quiet, earthy beauty in a very busy world.






From the Earth.

By the Hand.

For the Spirit.